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Cool New Sniper T-Shirt From US Armorment

The shirt says it all…

Cool New Sniper T-Shirt…

Leupold Magnetic Illuminated Bore Sighter

Every once in a while we find products that work great and in turn makes our job easier. Leupold’s Magnetic Bore Sighter is one terrific product. It’s easy to use even for novice, not an arm and a leg dollar wise and it’s paid for itself in wasted time and ammo at the range. Using the bore sighter is easy as pie. You simply flip the on switch on the side and stick it on the end of the barrel. When you look through your scope it presents an illuminated reticle pattern with a center cross hair and all you do is turn your windage and elevation knobs to center the crosshair. Yes, it’s that easy and it eliminates the need for multiple tools, plastic adaptors and the like. It’s work on anything just as it sits. We’ve had one here in the shop for 4 years and mounted countless scopes with it still on the original battery which seems like it will last forever. It’s also great at the range if you forget where your original zero is. Just pop it on the end of the barrel and reset your knobs. Bingo. Done. To us it’s an indispensable tool of the trade and one of the best pieces of kit we have had the pleasure to use. Nice carry case is included.

Kestrel 4000 NV Wind Meter. Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Most shooters know that environment effects the travel of their bullet. Some actually have a basic idea of how to dope wind or at least have enough ammo to guess until they get it. The fact is that if you can’t figure environmental conditions it’s going to be difficult to make those critical shots. It’s one of the most difficult problem solving issues in long range shooting. In order to learn you need to know more than just how fast the wind is moving which is where Kestel’s model 4000 weather instrument comes into play. U.S. Special Forces, combat weather teams, wildland firefighters, smoke jumpers, Mt. Everest expeditions and IRL pit crews are just some of the organizations that use this meter. We chose the Kestrel 4000 because of it’s ability to calculate density altitude. Density altitude is the the height when measured in terms of the density of the air rather than the distance from the ground. In other words you may be at 312 feet in distance but at say, 1000 feet based on density altitude. Now you could use a piece of paper, a pencil and this formula or you can turn on the 4000 and get an instant, accurate reading. Once you set reference values based on the location of where you zeroed your gun it’s a simple matter to make critical field adjustments regardless of where you are shooting or what conditions are. Measurements include: Barometric pressure,Pressure trend, Altitude, Relative humidity, Heat stress index, Dewpoint, Wet bulb temperature, Density altitude, Wind chill, Air, water, and snow temperature, and Current wind speed, Average wind speed, Maximum wind gust.In addition to measuring the current conditions, it tracks and stores up to 2000 sets of data, and data can be uploaded to a PC with the optional Kestrel Interface. Available in various configurations of night vision (pictured) and non-night vision starting at $249.00.

Eberlestock’s New Destroyer and Battleship Back Packs

We are never disappointed with Eberlestock products and the new V90 series is no exception. Feature packed and constructed out of the finest materials they are as rugged and versatile as they are advertised. You can get more info (and Free Shipping) HERE

The 1911 Multi Tool Done Right.

To coincide with the introduction of it’s new 1911 pistol Remington has begun to produce some tools and accessories for it.  Along with some grips and other goodies they have introduced their own 1911 specific multi-tool.  As with everything Remington does this new piece of gear is a very well thought out product. The quality is evident with nice fit and finish as well as non multi-tool traditional G10 grips.  The tool includes barrel bushing wrenches for both full size and Commander size guns to add versatility as well as a mainspring housing punch and 5 piece screwdriver bit set.  You also get more standard tools such as lockback 8Cr13MoV steel drop/serrated blade and a bottle opener, can opener and file. All of this is done in an attractive durable black oxide finish and comes with a nice black molle compatible case.  At a street price under $50 the Remington 1911 multi-tool compares favorably with other tools on the market not as useful on a 1911 pistol. We are keeping ours and recommend it as a must have.  All we need now is for our new Remington 1911 to get here… JB

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