Wanna shoot the ex-wife and watch her bleed, or how about an Arab terrorist you can kill…and kill again. We’ve got the answer. Zombie Industries patent pending “bleeding” zombies give you a perfect way to vent your disdain and watch your nemesis bleed. All in good fun without getting busted for murder. You get a 3D target of your choosing that “bleeds” when you shoot it and can be shot up to 1,000 times with various rounds before it’s “dead”. These zombies have just finished feeding and you can blow them away before you’re their next meal. They are available in varieties that include a Nazi, The Ex-wife, a nasty North Korean soldier and an Arab terrorist just to name a few. Team them up with some ZomBoom Exploding Targets and have yourself a good ole’ mini zombie apocalypse. Have a blast…J PS: The ex-wife is the most popular so far. Gee I wonder why…of course the girls can buy a guy zombie too.