The RACS™ System is based on technology developed for the military in their XM2010 project. The XM2010 was engineered as part of an upgrade program for the M24 sniper rifle. The requirements were for a lightweight chassis as part of the refit and upgrade to 300 Win Mag. Remington® was awarded the U.S. M2010 Army Enhanced Sniper Rifle (ESR) contract in September 2010 to reconfigure up to 3,600 M24 Sniper Weapon Systems after a full and open competition.  With a RACS­™ chassis you get all the benefits of the contract specs in a chassis that you can install your own Remington 700 long or short action in. The features are numerous and well thought out. Aircraft grade aluminum construction, adjustable length of pull, adjustable cheek rest, adjustable recoil pad and folding stock. You also get a rail system for mounting aiming devices, night vision, built in swivel attaching points and even cable routing guides capture wires associated with electro-optics. Keeping the operator in mind was foremost in the design and to prove it the entire thing only weighs in at a bit over 6 pounds. We had a chance to handle one recently and it’s an excellent piece of kit for the precision shooter and professional sniper alike. The RACS™ system is available in multiple finishes and colors and there is even a lighter weight, skeletonized buttstock version pictured here in FDE. For more information on options, finishes, colors, pricing and availability you can contact the folks at US Armorment  here.