Eberlestock is well know for designing and manufacturing extreme duty military and hunting packs and accessories. Recently they have branched out to include some innovative outdoor gear you crawl into rather than strap on. Case in point is their new Shooter’s Nest Bivvy. Designed as an ideal shooting cover their new Shooter’s Nest Bivvy is made from Gore-Tex® gas-permeable membrane laminated to a high quality low-sheen tent fabric. It features a waterproof, breathable shelter with built in keeper-straps on each of the corners for your sleeping pad. The new Shooter’s Nest Bivvy features two entrances and an awning to keep your head out of the weather as well as allowing ventilation. The ideal shelter for either snipers or hunters who will remain out for long periods of time the new Shooter’s Nest Bivvy from Eberlestock is a unique solution to a common problem. See it here new Shooter’s Nest Bivvy