Remington has been involved in a program to re-arm the US Army and replace their existing M24s with newer versions. The excess M24s that were turned in have been rebuilt and were being sold to former military only. That has changed. You can now purchase an M24R (rebuilt) while they last.M24RODK_LRG They are available in 2 configurations. The basic rifle without the deployment kit and a complete SWS (sniper weapons system) complete with optic and deployment kit. These guns feature new Remington 5R barrels in the M24 profile, a new fire control group and receiver. They also carry a full Remington warranty. The optics and stocks are the only things that are not new, they are the same ones that were used in previous service. This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of firearms history at a very affordable price. You can get more information here including availability and pricing. These weapons are sure to increase in value so grab one while you can!