Building an accurate weapons system involves more than just buying the best you can get. Everything needs to be properly assembled. We have seen many a bent scope tube or loose scope cases because of difficulty in correctly tightening of screws with Allen wrenches and standard screw drivers. There is a solution and it’s the Wheeler Fat Wrench inch pound torque wrench. Everything you bolt or screw onto your precision rifle has a proper torque spec. For instance, most 1/2″ nuts on tactical scope rings are 65 inch pounds, Leupold recommends between 15-17 inch pounds on Mark 4 ring cap screws and Remington 45 inch pounds on a 700P tactical rifle bottom metal.

You may ask why it’s important to torque fasteners. Under torquing can cause misalignment of parts allowing them to work loose under recoil and over tightening can bend scope tubes and at minimum “stretch” threads on delicate fine threads such as those on ring caps. Once they are stretched they come loose more easily and cannot be repaired, only replaced. The same holds true for bottom metal screws which hold the whole gun together and when loose can allow the action to move in the stock under recoil and destroy accuracy.

As much money as we all have invested in our firearms the Wheeler Fat Wrench is an inexpensive, universal tool that will last a lifetime and take all the guesswork out of assembly. It’s must have on our workbench.