We are always looking for new products. We were first introduced to this item by Vern Harrison at Central Virginia Tactical. Anything we market must fit several qualifications before we will add them to our offerings. First of all they need to work as advertised, the price must make sense, the item should also look as good as it works. Finally, installation should be straight forward and the item should fit as designed without modification. The PWS FSC556 compensator fits all of those and then some. Installation is easy with standard tools in minutes and everything needed is in the kit. The FSC556 looks great on an AR15 and of course, it works as advertised. This was a transformational piece of gear. Muzzle flip is gone. We mean gone. Control is the name of the game. Recoil is directed back into your shoulder where it belongs and the barrel stays pointed where it should be. If you want to get control over your AR15 this is just the tool to get it done.